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Paragliding from Pilatus Switzerland Tandem Flights Pilatus Rigi Luzern (News)
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Welcome by Paraglidingtandem.ch


Paragliding Tandemflights Central Switzerland around Lake Luzern

Pilatus Rigi Luzern Engelberg

Credit Cards accepted:


Boocking a Tandemflight here in Central Switzerland with experienced pilots and enjoy the wonderful world from the air 

Feel like it's flying like an eagle and look at the world from a completely new perspective. You do not need any special physical conditions for paragliding.


We offer you:


The Big / Topflight       height difference 1600m          240.00

The Medium Flight     height difference    800m          180.00

                Basic /                        10-15 min.        600 - 800m         150.00                


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Mobile:      +41 77 410 55 36            Mail:   info@paraglidingtandem.ch



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